Charney Construction & Development LLC is a firm made up of individuals with unique backgrounds, skills and expertise. Sam Charney, the principal and head of development previously worked for Two Trees Management Co LLC in the capacity of project executive and co-head of acquisitions for 8 years. In this role Sam was a co-founder of Two Trees’s construction company GreenStar Builders LLC and self-performed all Brooklyn based projects from acquisition through design development and the design build process.

Working as a self-performing general contractor and developer means direclty controlling all trades which leads to absolute control over all aspects of the construction process. CC&D is able to move construction along while being firmly entrenched in the design development process because we can start working in the field as the design process is evolving. Where most developers are stuck and mired by the permitting process and general contractors who do not want to continuously mobilize and demobilize, CC&D has an in-depth knowledge of construction and the New York City building process which allows us to build both quicker and cheaper than the rest of our competition. Our direct knowledge of how individual trades work and our relationships with sub contractors and vendors allows us to maintain a steady flow of material directly from suppliers, meaning our subcontractors are never stalled waiting for material. It also means we are able to pick up on construction deficiencies and coordination issues early on to avoid timely RFIs and change orders. 

As the owner and general contractor, we are able to make decisions in the field that directly relate to coordination avoiding RFIs to architects and engineers. These RFIs typically take over a week if not longer for professionals to respond to, and can cause work to come to a halt; but when the owner is in the field and able to talk to subs directly and make changes rapidly, the process is not stymied by red tape. The competitive advantage this gives us allows us to typically complete jobs 20-30% faster and cheaper than the industry standard. Construction is not an assembly line business. Field conditions are unpredictable, drawings and specifications can be incomplete and out of date, and these unknowns and inconsistencies can cause massive cost overruns and delays for developers. We at CC&D not only control and mitigate these problems and often times pick them up before they occur, but our direct management approach produces the most efficient and high quality product, resulting in the highest rents and sales per square foot.


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